paper cuts that hurt so good

12:12 PM

Rob Ryan has stabbed himself in the leg, stomach and has even taken a scalpel to the nose. Now that's what i call suffering for your art.

The English artist has a Masters in Printmaking where he honed his craft at the Royal College of Art in London. His extremely intricate, detailed work is awe inspiring. Never has cutting patterns into a single sheet of paper evoked such moving, whimsical and beautiful images.

He has collaborated with the folks at Tatty Devine, Sir Paul Smith and even designed a lomo camera for Urban Outfitters. Yup. He is one "in demand" dude. The dress below featured in Vogue.

Also he looks a little like a grizzly bear/ mountain man. Long, unkempt hair. Gleaming, bald crown of head. Beard like Paul Bunyan. This only makes my heart grow fonder.

Hit him up here! Rob Ryan, cut on!

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