bridesmaid braid

7:57 PM

i'm sifting through possible bridesmaid hairdo's for my dear friend's nuptials this July. The beautiful bride-to-be attended 2 seperate hair trials which both culminated in disaster. It seemed that none of the hairdressers she was seeing had listened to what she actually wanted; something soft, romantic, not too structured. So i sent her a link to a video that Jamie from "From Me To You" posted: a how to updo guide. My friend styled the hairdo herself with flying colours and now we are all doing our own hair for the big day. So now that i have helped her find a 'do'...what dear readers, do i do? The enfianced suggested a simple braid for the big day. Which i think could be quite lovely, given that my braiding skills are up to scratch. What do you think?


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