J & P

3:42 PM

Let me introduce you to my Aunty Jenny and Uncle Peter. That's them in 1966, a pretty spiffy looking couple, don't you think? They lived and travelled the world together. They never had any children of their own but loved doting on their favourite nieces and nephews (i.e. one spoilt, little Frockette). They had each other and that was enough, that was everything.

They've both passed on now, taken by cancer. Peter was diagnosed first and Jennifer nursed him until she herself was tragically diagnosed and degenerated quickly. She passed away first in 2007. My uncle didn't last too much longer in this world without her. He was known to carry her ashes around with him wherever he went; riding in the car, out to dinner at restaurants, her urn always close by. He was still trying to experience the world with her by his side. That really blew me away, his constancy and dedication to her. I thought 'Wow, that is real love". 

Cancer claimed his life within a year of her passing but i think he died of a broken heart. Their devotion to each other was encompassing, their love is their legacy. Jenny and Peter; so beloved.

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