ring a ding ding

11:04 AM

Is it strange for a woman to buy herself a ring? We buy ourselves lunch, shoes, tickets to the movies...so why then not jewellery? I was thinking of buying the ring (pictured below) as a present for myself. Sort of a "well-done-you-for-completing-this-chapter-in-your-life" ring. Is that weird? A friends response to such an idea was "Are you sure you want to buy it for yourself? To clarify the matter, this ain't no costume jewellery. It's part of the current season of products from Meadowlark (a local NZ designer). The ring below is the Protea ring, which i would have fitted with a smokey quartz stone (instead of onyx).  And if all other reasons of nostalgia and sentimentality fail...i just think it's really pretty.

Also...they have fang rings (fitted with tiny stones, as if the vampires have bling in their fangs. i love it)...

Would you buy a ring for yourself to mark a significant time in your life? 

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