healthy eats for 2012

12:17 PM

It's 2012. New Years Resolutions abound and aplenty. Peoples are trying to better themselves and their lives. The cynic in me would like to scoff at this notion and the dreamer in me would like to think that we should always be trying to better ourselves, not just because another year has past.

Anyways, I was reading a post on the brilliant, My New Roots about a 21 day cleanse for January. Sarah (from 'My New Roots') is a holistic nutritionist and a vegetarian chef and the real kicker is...her recipes are freekin' delish. For realisies. So I'm trying to undertake this small task of nourishing my body with some healthy eats.

Here are some of my tasty & healthy triumphs so far, thanks to the lovely Sarah:

Kale Chips

Gluten- free Spaghetti with roasted cauliflower, capsicum, parsely & olives

Raw beetroot, carrot, kale, sweet potato & pomegranate salad
Pumpkin & chickpea flour muffin
sassy & satiated Youka

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