good riddance to good rubbish.

12:30 PM

Here are some things that frocked my world in 2010:

The frockette’s 2010 Twenty.
1.    Scored a wonderful trip to Singapore to attend Fashion Week.
2.    Baked often, my favourite recipe being a vegan spiced pumpkin bread. It was awesome.
3.    Won a Helpmann Award in September.
4.    Flew to Japan twice and became completely enamoured with it.
5.    Made some excellent new friends.
6.    Spent more time with my dearest old friends.
7.    Packed all my belongings & life into boxes in 3 days.
8.    Boarded a lot of airplanes. Around 23 flights all up maybe? Also, developed a weird fear of planes turning. I think it was an equilibrium thing.
9.    Went to an Ashram and sang Kirtans’ with Swamis’.
10. Went to a Temple and prayed with Monks’ at 6am.
11. Cried for a week straight.
12. Became more addicted to coffee, most specifically Cold Drip. I blame this on Proud Mary.
13. Discovered and fell in love with Radiolab.
14. Heard the breaking of many hearts (it sounded like static and the popping of rice bubbles).
15. Listened heavily to Leonard Cohen (perhaps contributing to broken heartedness?)
16. Confirmed my love for Reformer Pilates.
17. Went to a Tupperware Party. For real.
18. Developed serious night owl tendencies. 3am bed time? Completely normal!
19. Drank cider. (Pear is my favourite).
20. Blogged for the entire year. It’s my bloggerversary.

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