i want cold drip... (straight into my veins)

7:48 PM

Like any respectable Melbournite I am a coffee lover. Coffee to me is like spinach to Popeye, honey to Yogi B. Bear, crack to Whitney Houston. I need it. I love it.

So imagine my delight when serendipity landed on my door step and 'coffee-culture-cool' Proud Mary opened across the road from my apartment building. They are masters of the bean, touting various styles of coffee: espresso and the likes thereof (from a six group Synesso machine. Word!), Syphon, French Press, Clover and my personal favourite; Cold drip. This is for the patient drinker as it is brewed oh so slowly with ice water. Drip by drip. The result is a mellow yet rich, light drink. Those that baulk at Espresso should perhaps try this as an introduction to coffee. Also, it is the perfect summer drink but I am willing to shiver through the winter to keep drinking it. Drip away, my pretties.

Where to score cold drip:

  • St Ali - 12-18 Yarra Pl, South Melbourne
  • The Sensory Lab - David Jones, 297 Little Collins St, Melbourne
  • Proud Mary - 172 Oxford St, Collingwood
  • Cup - 85 Russell St, West End

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