Happy Birthday Amelia!

11:11 AM

The big 3-0. Marriage. You are a real adult now. (And a real good one at that).

6  random reasons (of many) why I love Amelia:
  • She is my crunchy granola sister. We found vegetarianism together and then explored alternative lifestyles (as all good yippies do. n.b: yippies = yuppy + hippy) and she always reminds me of the merits of our choices. Even if she misses bacon.
  • She is impossibly pretty. Like a little porcelain doll. And she rocks a mean red lips/mad men 'look'.
  • She is a knitting demon. In fact, her Mother taught me how to knit. Crafty, crafty ladies.
  • She has a super sized brain but still has the childish capacity to look up YouTube videos of kittens falling over and mewing and so on and so forth. I look at them too. We are children cooing over little things together.
  • She makes me laugh. Lots. 
  •  She makes living in Melbourne more of a home because she is like family. She is that good.

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  1. Brings a tear to my eye. I love you both very much x


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