embrace your inner bookworm

2:39 PM

I spent almost every day last month in New Zealand soaking up the atmosphere in the Auckland city library. I was addicted and have been suffering withdrawals ever since returning home.  I can't think of a better way to pass my time; hours spent in a literary haven. Miles and piles of books, magazines, audio books, cd's, dvd's...not to mention free internet.

So i put an end to my pining and joined my local library (and the state library too). My library card arrived in the mail today and thrilled me to the core. As a child I used to rejoice in the borrowing and returning of books. There is something inherently romantic and comforting about reading a worn library book; that so many hands have turned its pages, so many eyes have perused it's tales.

The prodigal borrower has returned. If you need me...you know where to find me.

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