it's a jungle out there

11:55 AM

Singapore. 33 degrees. Balmy Nights. Fashion.

I hopped off the plane a little disoriented and freshened up (very quickly) at my beautiful accommodation; Studio M boutique Hotel. Then with a group of glamourous bloggeratti (including Lady Melbourne) we headed straight to 2 fashion shows (Tiffany & Co/Herve Lager & Marchesa) at the Asian Fashion Festival. I quite possibly had a case of deep vein thrombosis by the end of the evening from the 8 hour flight and the choice of my dear Vivienne Westwood Melissa shoes. But one must wear heels at the Fashion festival. Although, not to breakfast at your hotel. One wears hotel slippers and your strangest pair of pj's for that. And i've got 30 minutes til they stop serving so here i go...

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