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The Brownie Bake-off Challenge of 2011! Except, I am the only baker, the competitors be the very recipe's themselves.

A few weeks ago I was having brownie cravings and I wanted to know once and for all what exactly my feelings were on the matter (a very serious matter indeed). What constitutes a good brownie? Should it be fudgy & dense? Or rather, cakey with a nice crumb? Is cocoa powder the key element or chocolate itself?

I enlisted the help of my gorgeous friend, Liz and armed with a truck load of butter and chocolate (including a single origin chocolate & dark cocoa from Monsieur Truffe) we broke out the mixing bowls and spatulas. 

Here are the contenders:
1. Julia Child's Best Brownies Ever
2. Raw Brownies from My New Roots
3. Baked NYC's Original Brownie

"Best Brownie Ever"
First of all, I couldn't NOT make this brownie...with the incomparable Julia at the helm, I had more than couverture & luck on my side; I had the genius of Childs.

The Adjudication
L.L (lovely liz): Still a little 'goopy' in the middle. Not too sweet, crunchy top, flavour plus. 7.5/10 
The Frockette: Not overly sweet, rich fudgy centre, cracked surface but soft crumb texture 7/10

"Raw Brownie"
I thought it would be remiss of me not to include a healthier option, so when I stumbled upon this recipe whilst perusing the uber healthy & excellent blog, My New Roots; I new I had to try it. Its only sweet ingredient is Medjool dates (which in other news, is also an uber delicious foodstuff) and it is bound together by cocoa and nuts!

The Adjudication
L.L: Only a hint of date flavour, good texture, not as indulgent as the others, more of a healthy treat. 6/10
The Frockette: a lil bitter, more of a fudge than a brownie, walnuts add an earthiness, a human error on our behalf...needs more Dates! (for sweetness) 5.5/10

"Baked:New Frontiers in baking! Brownie!"
Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito are a dynamic Brooklyn duo who celebrate & excel at American style baking. Think homely, rustic, wondrous baked goods that the likes of Oprah, The New York Times & David Lebovitz have raved about.

The Adjudication
L.L: This chewy, sweet, consistent brownie is rocking my world. addition of sea salt is a win! 8.5/10
The Frockette: ...they're f**king good. Salty. A decent crumb with a dense, chocolate centre. Cocoa is the way to go go 8.5/10

New frontiers in baking and flavour bombs! The baked boys have won over our taste buds and hearts.

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