ice cream vs. ice cream vs. ice cream

11:30 PM

 Lights up. Cue smoke machine. Cue theme music ("Eye of the Tiger" plays)...

Contender No. 1:  Salt

Texture: A little icey (but this could be due to the super powers of my current freezer) but creamy enough. Quite pleasant.

Colour: Ivory

Flavour: Milky. Salty. Not dissimilar to a salted caramel. Sweet but savoury. This. Is. Good. I will be wanting more of this. Oh wait, I don't live in Japan and have no access to such a product. This. Is. Depressing.

Score: 8/10

Contender No. 2: Wasabi
Texture: A little icey, not as creamy as Salt.

Colour: A very light shade of lime green. In fact, its more a cream colour than green at all (perhaps i am a little colour blind, making this category null and void....bygones).

Flavour: Great Scott! How do they do it? There is just enough wasabi to give it a distinct flavour but isn't overly spicey. Wait- strike that, if you continuously spoon this into your mouth with the tenacity of a weasel the heat will accumulate. I find this commendable. A cold dessert that has the potential to burn your mouth. What whimsy.

Score: 7/10

Contender No. 2:  Mochi (Yukimi Daifuku)
Texture: Chewy like a marshmallow (or more precisely, a mochi) and then bam! creamy creamy creamy goodness.

Colour: Like the name says: Yukimi Daifuku = snow viewing daifuku. This is like a fat, spherical snow flake, yo.

Flavour: Perfection. A superb subtlety from the glutinous rice casing and a burst of vanilla in the ice cream and did i mention it was creamy? Like "milk straight from the udder" creamy. n.b i have never tried milk squirted from a cow's udder. i have no life experience to substantiate that claim. anyone care to enlighten me? in fact, now that i think about it...milk straight from the udder would probably be warm and a little thin. in that case, this mochi is the opposite of that. corrected!
This is a chewy, glutinous, cold, creamy, ice cream, rad, asian cake thingy. Wow, I really sold that. Sold the pants off it.

Score: 9.5/10

Overall: They all performed extremely well and I baulked at none. I was expecting Salt to take it all (those who know me well can attest for my extreme love of salt/salted desserts) but that mochi, oh, that little mochi. Case closed.

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