Quelqu'un m'a dit

8:24 PM

"They tell me that our lives are not worth very much,  
They pass in an instant as roses wilt...
Somebody told me 
that you love me still"

Carla Bruni. Songstress. Model. First Lady. Sometimes Actress... Effortlessly cool. Like 'Hey-i'm-just-casually sitting-here-in-my-studio-apartment-wearing-an-oversized-mens-shirt-&-old-pair- of-socks-but-looking-beautiful-strumming-my-guitar-and-singing-with-my-smoky-sultry-voice-about-love-lost-and-the-like". Damn her and her frenchness.

 Totally worthy of a candle holding, brooding, shirtless man's unwavering love...and then some. 

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