the package project

5:04 PM

I recently participated in a little blogger community project which endeavored to connect bloggers from all around the world called The Package Project. Frankie magazine did a little feature on the project and the applications flooded in... I swiftly submitted my blog and details to Nadia, the crafty mastermind behind this experiment (Cupcake Couture blogger, based in South Africa) and she assigned me my package partner. That's when i 'met' Jamie; a talented photographer, craft enthusiast and geologist! My job was to create a unique care package just for her and she would send me one, too.

It reminded me much of having a Pen Pal in primary school. I would receive monthly letters from a little girl in Canada and she would read my scrawled, elementary script in return. The idea of correspondence with a 'stranger' is charming and old worldly. However, since the internet is now part of everyday life the ability to contact those around the world has become infinitely easier. But it cannot compare to receiving a handwritten letter or handmade parcel in the post. Something tangible and graspable (and sometimes edible). It is a special feeling. So i encourage everyone to find a blogging buddy, a package partner. It makes the overwhelming size of the bloggersphere fathomable in the shape of a package in your mailbox.

Here are some of the sweet things Jamie sent to me:

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