just me & my grrrl's

12:57 PM

For the first time in a long time, I am finding myself surround by a posse of close female friends. We are in each other's daily lives, we meet up spontaneously. We have coffee, dinner, drinks, or just "laying on the couch and watching masterchef" hang time.

 I feel it is a rarity in these modern times to have a "group" of women you can truly rely on. I used to scoff at the coffee shop scenes in 'Sex & the City'. I thought to myself "How do four adult women manage to meet up several times a week to dine with each other and divulge their inner lives?"

At the moment however, I have my own little Collingwood Coven.  It won't last too much longer because actor's lives are transient, ever changing and move locations/home each time the wind blows (or a job offer beckons). But for now I treasure my little click, my lovely ladies.

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