Ok Go "This Too Shall Pass"

11:07 AM

The guys from Ok Go have surpassed their previous film clip of treadmill genius (i didn't think it was possible) with "This Too Shall Pass". I bought their new album after hearing this single on Triple J and enjoyed it thoroughly. But now that I have seen this well constructed, painfully clever clip...i love it all the more.
When i was a kid growing up on the island of Guam (yes, you heard me. Guam. Google it if you don't understand) we had one - count them- one shopping mall on the island; Micronesia Mall. In the centre of said magnificent (read sarcasm here) structure was a giant ball machine that entranced me for hours (please don't look for freudian slips in the latter). It was a 'sculpture' that knocked pinballs from side to side, activating "arms" to knock around other objects, playing cymbals, xylophones, you name it. It was mechanical. It was all thanks to gravity. And as i kid...it thought it was awesome. ( i found a link for the machine here)
Thank you Ok Go for bringing out the child in me. I am delighted and awe struck by this clip. I think you will be too.

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